Will Chas stand by Cameron?

Chas has taken off her engagement ring and is ready to throw out Cameron, then she gets a call from the police telling her about his ‘accident’. Chas and Gennie rush to Cameron’s hospital bedside, but with mixed feelings. Cameron hasn’t hurt himself too badly and is allowed home, where Brenda lets everyone know exactly what she thinks: Cameron’s a saint. He wasn’t actually there for the fundraiser he wanted to honour her but, still, he’s a good ‘un to Brenda. Oh, dear. Poor Brenda’s still not 100 per cent – and Gennie’s still not 100 per cent sure that Cameron’s got anything good about him.

The only thing Debbie ever thought was good about Kirk was his cheap booze, but it looks like Kirk wants more from Debbie than flattery and money. And a disturbance during the night makes Debbie think Kirk could be more trouble than he’s worth…

Val thinks she wants more high-end customers at the B&B and tells Amy it’s her job to bring them in. Amy??!! She’s a good kid at heart and she’s doing her best, but come on, Val! ‘High end’ to Amy is eating her kebab without getting any of it down the front of her or drinking her cider out of a glass.