Will Chelsea cheat on Theo?

Chelsea is reluctant when Theo invites her out for a meal with his new mates and she talks him into staying in Walford. Chelsea feels left out when Theo’s friends turn up at R&R and she decides to stay at the club when Theo leaves with them. A miserable Chelsea is flattered when she’s chatted up by a flash footballer Ellis and she kisses him. Ellis offers Chelsea some cocaine…

Syed and Parveen play a trick on their interfering mothers and Syed pretends to propose to Parveen. Syed gets a text from Amira, who is waiting outside the house. Syed agrees to help Amira when he learns she’s homeless and sneaks her into the house. Zainab discovers Amira when she falls out of her hiding place in the wardrobe and into Syed’s arms!

Ronnie hides her irritation when Jack leaves her at the office to help Roxy make a playhouse for Amy. Ronnie is upset when Jack vetoes her suggestion that they have a holiday at her friend’s villa in Spain. Ronnie makes a call to the airline to ask about taking babies on a plane and says that there will only be one adult…

Also, Max tries to kiss Tanya, but she reluctantly rejects him; Debra has no intention of taking Whitney to Greece.

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