A shaken Cherry arrives at Simon’s and asks if she can stay. Simon tries to reassure Cherry who’s very confused about Scott and she asks him to go back to the flat with her. It’s been ransacked by the police, and Cherry starts to defend Scott in her confusion. Simon becomes annoyed and snaps at her, but then apologises and they leave. She asks Simon if she can sleep with him in his bed that night and they snuggle up together.

At The Mill, Karen is on a half day and Zara is sneaking around; she’s arranged to meet Jack but he turns up at The Mill too soon and Karen thinks he’s come to see her! Jack wriggles out of it and turns up later at Zara’s flat where she drags him inside! However, later, Jack is shocked to find Zara in the bathroom injecting herself with something. She unceremoniously chucks him out!

Also, when she’s roped into some emergency babysitting, Ruth finds herself questioning her neighbour Danny’s suitability for parenthood.

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