Cherry’s still reeling from the discovery that Eva’s still alive. She’s furious that Jimmi has lied to her for so long about Eva’s death. Cherry goes to great lengths to avoid bumping into Jimmi but he’s desperate to talk – even Imogen can’t keep him away.

Jimmi is distraught when his efforts to make up are rebuffed. Angry and hurt, Cherry believes Jimmi’s lies have put their entire future in jeopardy and she’s not sure she can forgive and forget. She confides in Freya that she wants to leave The Mill… for good!

Elaine and Harrison enjoy a romantic stroll together around the Botanical Gardens. They lose themselves in dreams of running away together, but Harrison ruins the moment by asking Elaine why she decided to get back in touch. He guesses Elaine had an affair before, but she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Also, a newly engaged man is reluctant to bare all to his future in-laws.