Will Cherry stand by her man?

Mrs Tembe notices how down Heston is and asks him around for dinner. That night, they enjoy each other’s company and Mrs Tembe is clearly smitten – but when Heston is drawn to thoughts of Marina he gets sad once more.

Mrs Tembe questions what happened but Heston simply claims Marina had faults but Mrs Tembe suggests that he can forgive Marina if he loves her. Heston leaves, thanking Mrs Tembe for a lovely night… and Mrs Tembe sits alone.

At dinner with the future in-laws, Jimmi grows disturbed by the similarities between Cherry and her overbearing mother and puts his foot in it by revealing he has been married before.

He and Cherry try to back pedal, claiming it wasn’t a ‘real’ marriage; it was an open relationship and besides he was very young… soon the Malones find out about Eva’s fake death and Cherry being put in danger as a result.

When Jimmi spills gravy over himself, he’s frantically washing his hands in the tiny bathroom and gets locked in. Jimmi is freed but Cherry’s mum Paula tells her she can’t watch Cherry marry him; she won’t be at the wedding. Cherry stands by her man and leaves claiming she’d pick Jimmi every time.

Also, Rob deals with a pensioner who claims he’s been racially abused, but as the details unravel all is not it seems to be…