As Bianca and Heath lay in each other’s arms, Bianca decides she wants to have the wedding the next day. The next morning, the entire Bay is in wedding mode. Maddy arrives at Angelo’s on errands from Roo, Casey tries to talk to her but she’s still angry. Meanwhile, Cheryl tells Bianca she’s making the biggest mistake of her life. Ricky catches up with Cheryl, who tells her she’s not coming to the wedding. Ricky’s left to tell the Braxtons.

At the ceremony, guests are arriving as Heath paces nervously. At Angelo’s, Casey tells Cheryl that this may be the only the chance she gets to see one of her son’s married. Back at the wedding, Bianca arrives and trailing close behind is Casey with Cheryl. As the ceremony gets underway, Cheryl sees how much it’s killing Casey to see Tamara with Kyle. 

As the guests gather for the reception on the beach, Cheryl has a go at Tamara. When Heath and Bianca arrive Cheryl surprises both of them by giving Bianca a hug.

Also, Casey is heartened to see Maddy arrive but she quickly moves over to talk to Josh.