Will Ches and the Hoyles escape?

As Chesney and the Hoyles plan their escape (they’ve pulled the rail free that they’re tied to) John plans his and Fiz’s midnight flit. But both go amiss; a tussle in the basement leaving Alan fighting for his life and the hostages abandoned by their captor in the hope he’ll be long gone before their bodies are discovered. When John then returns to the street to find the factory floor being pulled up he panics. Needing to stay and deal with the possibility of Colin’s body turning up he tells Fiz there’s been a change of plan.

Kevin feels like a gooseberry as a confident Jeff calls to take Sally for lunch. He’s gone to a lot of effort and Sally’s touched, but when he drops down on one knee and asks her to marry him she’s gobsmacked.

Steve‘s desperate to stop Tracy leaving with his daughter, but has no moves left. The screw’s turned tighter when David and Kylie arrive to talk about getting custody of Max. Reeling from this double whammy and the threat of losing both children, it feels like the walls are closing in on Steve.

Also, Tina’s thrilled when Xin announces she’s got a nursing job in Scotland, but Graeme doesn’t seem as happy as he should be.

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