As they wait for the ambulance, Daniel desperately tries to keep Chesney conscious. When Sinead sees blood-soaked Daniel cradling Chesney, she assumes Daniel attacked him. Chesney is loaded into an ambulance and Robert admits to Michelle that Rich wants him to launder money.

Aidan accompanies Eva to her doctor’s appointment, and then warns Maria that Adam took the incriminating photo. He lies telling her that Eva’s very ill which is why he hasn’t been able to dump her. Eva rants at Leanne telling her how she intends to have her revenge on Aidan…

Eileen shows Nicola a photo of her mother and Phelan in happier times, and tries to persuade her to give Phelan a chance. But Nicola tells Eileen if she sees either of them again, she’ll call the police.

Gina plays Sally and Sophie off against each other. On the phone to the estate agent, Adam lies, telling them Tracy has agreed to be his guarantor. Meanwhile, he copies her signature from some stolen paperwork.