Will Chris run scared when Denny declares her feelings?

Denny questions Chris about a comment Spencer made when she arrived for their hot date. Chris explains that Spencer was talking about the ‘old Chris’. His goofy charm wins Denny over, and she leads him to the bedroom for a night of passion. The next morning, Denny tells Chris she thinks she’s falling in love with him.

But it seems the mere mention of ‘love’ causes the ‘old Chris’ to rear his ugly head and he admits things are moving too fast for him. Denny is furious and storms off, but not before telling Chris that, if he wants to move slower, they can go back to not knowing each other.

The news that Josh and Casey are brothers continues to cause tension for Barretts and Braxtons. Phoebe invites Maddy and Josh to come over to talk things through. When Kyle hears the news, he’s adamant that Josh cannot come over. Phoebe changes the plan: they’ll all go for a picnic! When Andy sees Josh on the beach with Kyle and Phoebe, his worst suspicions are confirmed. He asks Josh to prove his loyalty by moving back to Mangrove River with him.

John is trying to buy Jett a surprise boat over the phone for his birthday but his cagey behaviour makes Marilyn suspect he’s having an affair. Chris thinks Marilyn could be right and suggests giving John a taste of his own medicine. When Chris secretly sends Marilyn a bouquet from ‘Brian’, John is livid.