Chris says goodbye to Lucy and is saddened to hear she’s given up on the idea of becoming a mother. He makes a huge decision and asks if Lucy’s ‘ovulation window’ is still open. Meanwhile, Nate tells Susan that he’s relieved the baby making plans didn’t work out so he’s stunned when Chris announces he changed his mind about being Lucy’s donor.

Paige is horrified to discover Paul has covered the naked woman on the Erinsborough Festival logo. Outraged, she stages a topless protest, enlisting a reluctant Imogen to the cause. As crunch time draws near, and it’s time for Paige and Imogen to ‘get their gear off’, Imogen backs out.

Sheila holds a trial run of ‘Dining In the Dark’ at her place and Lou talks Susan into letting him take her place at the lunch. He complains about everything and Sheila’s ready to toss him out when the lunch goes awry, thanks to Bossy. Sheila is forced to admit that ‘Dining in the Dark’ is a terrible idea.

Also, the sexual tension is ripe between Brennan and Naomi and they share a passionate kiss.