Chrissie Williams challenges Serena Campbell’s new policy this week – and gets an unexpected reaction from Holby’s new consultant. AAU is under orders not to refer patients up to Keller ward, when farmer Emily is brought in with a serious leg wound, after a wall collapsed on her.

New boy Max is certain Emily will need her leg amputated, but ward sister Chrissie thinks a specialist could save it. When Chrissie discovers Serena is expert in surgery that could help Emily, she defiantly takes her patient up to Keller, hoping Serena will look at her case.

Serena sends Emily back down to AAU then tells Chrissie she doesn’t appreciate being ambushed; she has a busy schedule and insists policy must be followed. After their heated exchange, however, Chrissie gets a shock when she returns to AAU to find Serena in her office.

Serena agrees to operate on Emily – on AAU – and she wants Chrissie to assist, keen to see how she performs in theatre. As they work, Serena mentions a nurse’s job on Keller, and thinks Chrissie should apply. Chrissie’s not sure she can work with Serena, whose policies she doesn’t agree with. Will she take the job?

Meanwhile, Mo is back at work after giving up her baby. Mo insists to Jonny that she is fine, but Jonny is not sure whether Mo is physically or mentally strong enough to be back at work yet.

Elsewhere, Hanssen needs to get Holby into shape financially and has hired fresh blood, George, to help him achieve his goals. But will he and George see eye to eye on the best way to run Holby?