Following her and Dan’s recent engagement party, Chrissie should be getting excited about wedding preparations – instead she’s worried about work. She’s being assessed on her nurse practitioner medicine module, but she’s not happy about having to report to senior staff nurse Eddi.

Dan assures her she’ll be professional, before reminding her they’re meeting the vicar later. Under Eddi’s watchful eye, Chrissie tends to her first emergency patient, workaholic Jamie. But when a box of wedding cake samples arrives – sent by Dan – Eddi questions Chrissie’s professionalism.

But at the end of the day, Eddi’s impressed with Chrissie’s performance and offers her another emergency medical opportunity just as Dan arrives to collect her. Will Chrissie put her personal or professional life first?

Meanwhile, Hanssen is informed by Sir Fraser that the hospital’s target of achieving FT status is now on hold after the plastics scandal. Aware that the fate of Holby relies on today’s performance, can Hanssen guarantee he has the full support of his staff?

And Elizabeth returns from compassionate leave only to hear some unexpected news about her family. After becoming involved in a patient’s life choice, Elizabeth’s inspired to make a big decision regarding her own future.