Sacha desperately wants to help estranged wife Chrissie through her treatment for cancer. But, this week, she rejects his support to follow the advice of new friend Tim, with dramatic consequences. Chrissie tries to hide that she’s in pain as it’s son Daniel’s first day at nursery. But she confides in fellow cancer sufferer Tim (guest star Paul O’Grady) that she’s struggling to stay positive and that Sacha’s concern is getting on her nerves!

Tim urges Chrissie to use her anger to throw herself into her work. So the ward sister is put out when surgeon Sacha, worried she’s taking on too much, tries to give a difficult patient to Mary-Claire. Once again, Chrissie rebuffs Sacha’s concern, but is then furious to discover he forgot to leave Daniel’s special toy, Monkey, with him at nursery – he’s forgotten the one thing she actually asked him to do.

Later, Chrissie’s mood is lifted by Tim’s positive outlook following his last session of chemo and she returns to work determined. But it seems Sacha’s right to be worried when Chrissie collapses on the ward. Sacha is annoyed with Tim for encouraging Chrissie to push herself too hard and tells him to stay away. Later, Sacha brings Daniel to see Chrissie – but can the family reunite?

Meanwhile, Malick’s career is on the line after his behaviour last week but he’s keen to prove to Hanssen that he’s ready to be a consultant. But when Hanssen suggests they work together on a case, will Hanssen be able to lead by example?

Also, Jac is keen for everything to continue as normal after recent traumatic events. But an unusual case and a surprising suggestion from Jonny mean there may be more challenges in store for Jac.