Will Christian be able to forgive Ian?

Ian is grateful when Christian gives him the benefit of the doubt, allowing him to explain everything. But with the whole story out in the open, Christian finds it tough to forgive him. Meanwhile, Kathy breaks the news to Ian that Lauren and Peter are coming back from New Zealand. With Jane set to be woken up from her induced coma later that day, Christian promises to talk to his mum, Linda. After realising how much Ian loves Jane, Linda agrees to keep Ian in the loop. Ian is stunned when Lauren arrives. But where is Peter?

Roxy is keen to make a fresh start, telling Jay she’s changed her mind about the drugs. When Roxy tries to convince Ronnie that she’ll be better, Jack keeps quiet about the drugs, later warning Roxy to stay away from Amy. A miserable Roxy tells Jay the deal’s back on with the cocaine…

Sharon is determined to help Phil get back on track, enlisting Shirley’s help to pack away Peggy’s belongings. After revealing that the final stage of her divorce has come through, Sharon confesses she’s not sure she can walk away from her marriage. When Phil finds out that Sharon has cleared away Peggy’s stuff, he’s at first furious, but then breaks down on her. Sharon insists she just wants to help and the couple are reunited.

Also, Kathy sees Dennis just in time as he’s about to leave with Gavin.