Masood confronts Zainab about not inviting Inzamam and his family to the wedding and he can’t understand her attitude towards them. Inzamam and his wife and children arrive at the Masoods and the atmosphere is awkward. Masood is angry with Zainab’s rudeness towards his family. Zainab confesses that Inzamam has tried it on with her in the past. A furious Masood throws Inzamam out.

Amira is dressed for the wedding and visits her father to tell him that Masood will have his money for him soon. Qadim softens when he sees how beautiful she looks and apologises for pushing her away. Amira is delighted when Qadim gives his blessing to the wedding and reassures the Masoods that he will pay for the wedding.

Christian texts Syed and asks to meet up with him. Syed insists that he has to go through with the ceremony as he can’t let Amira or his family down. Zainab is surprised to see an upset Christian coming out of the cafe followed by Syed. The procession starts out with Syed leading on horseback. Zainab is suspicious when she sees Syed staring at Christian. Zainab accuses Christian of trying it on with Syed and Christian blurts out the truth about their affair…

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