Will Cindy get a share of Browning’s pay out?

After Browning’s funeral service, Cindy tells Mercedes she wants 50 per cent of the life insurance money – she is carrying his baby! Dirk encourages Cindy to fight for what she’s entitled to from Browning’s pay-out. She’s furious when she finds out she’s not entitled to anything, but Holly resolves to make sure her mum gets her cut.

George, Phoebe and Tilly are on a mission to free Vincent. They ask Jim to help them but Vincent needs to prove that he’s gay in order to get released and refuses to answer Jim’s intrusive questions.

Dennis is flummoxed when a Christmas tree gets delivered, until he sees the invoice addressed to Leanne. Maxine promises to help him get through the festive season the way Leanne would have wanted and the pair set up a Grotto. However, dressed as a sexy elf, Maxine is mortified when Patrick sees her – how will he react? Later, he tells her he’s booked in to see a consultant about a reverse vasectomy. He waits for a late Maxine at the hospital, while she comforts Dennis as he struggles to cope with constant reminders of Leanne.

Patrick returns to the village and sees a tipsy Maxine with Dennis. Maxine is frantic when she realises she’s missed the vasectomy appointment and lies to her boyfriend about why she was late, prompting him to tip hot curry over her bare legs.