Will Cindy stick by Tony?

Tony’s condition is worsening. He comes out of the bathroom and calls out to Cindy – he’s losing his sight! The doctor explains it’s a result of his head trauma during the crash and with thoughts of brain damage at the fore-front, Tony suggests Cindy get out while she can – he’s giving her a ‘get out of jail free card’.

It looks like Ruby and Jono’s reunion could be short-lived when Jono realises the group are expecting him to stay. Meanwhile, Ruby’s guilt about the night before is unbearable and she also puts her foot in it when she makes Jono think she doesn’t really love him.

In the deli with Pauline, Doug’s humiliated when Brendan offers her money and she takes it over her son. Doug feels foolish for being taken in and is angry that Brendan has saved the day again. At the police station, Doug offers his services to help bring Brendan down…

Meanwhile, Ste realises life’s too short when he hears about Tony and tells Doug he wants to get married as soon as possible, leaving Doug guilty about what he’s planning with the police. It doesn’t stop him getting wired up to speak to Brendan and he’s disappointed when it comes to nothing.