A desperate Dodger pleads with Holly to tell the truth and she promises that she will. Meanwhile, Sienna finds out about Maxine’s plans to run away with Dodger and she makes Maxine swear that she won’t take Mark away. Later, Cindy calls the police to report Dodger. Cindy asks Dirk to choose between them and his son.

Dennis has found the posters of Tyson in Blessing’s room. He thinks Tyson is Blessing’s boyfriend, so Blessing summons all her courage and reveals the truth that she’s a transgender woman… Dennis doesn’t know how to react, he’s just relieved when he hears his lump isn’t cancerous.

Sinead urges Diane and Tony to look at Finn’s laptop. Meanwhile, Finn asks Blessing if she wants to go for a drink and he discovers her secret. Later, Blessing is attacked by a masked Finn, who videos the attack as he is chased away by Dirk.

Nancy reassures Robbie as he’s about to take a practice general studies exam and Esther is curious about their closeness. Robbie is disappointed by how he did in the exam but his interest is piqued when he overhears Patrick telling Nancy where the real test papers are kept…