Lindsey rushes to Cindy’s side when she goes into labour and is shocked to hear the extent of what Dirk knows. She calls Mercedes and tells her to close Dirk down before he goes to the police. Cindy gives birth to a boy, but it’s a race against time to save him. Cindy is heartbroken to learn her son has Severe Combined Immunodeficiancy, which means he needs a bone marrow transplant. Neither Holly nor Cindy is a match and Lindsey suggests getting in touch with Browning’s children from his previous marriage.

Ziggy legs it out of The Dog but Ruby finds him. He tells her he’s taking heart-broken George to a gay bar tonight and she can’t come. They bump into Leela who later gets thrown out of the club for being too drunk. Ziggy questions her behaviour and she tells him about a fire last night where someone died.

Sonny finds some information on Jim, but will he show Carmel? Sonny continues to comfort Carmel in the wake of Jim’s death. When Carmel tells Sonny to throw away Jim’s belongings he finds a DVD with a message from beyond the grave. It confirms Sonny’s suspicions about Fraser but instead of showing Carmel, he keeps it to himself.

And Phoebe plays a blinder at Vincent’s hearing.