Will Clare give Warren what he wants?

Determined not to sell The Loft to Warren, Clare is finding it difficult to deal with his heavy-handed tactics to wrestle it from her. Under mounting pressure, she offers it to Max but he bluntly turns her down. Clare breaks down and cries, as Max urges her to give in and hand the club to Warren if he’s so determined to have it. Max ends up escorting her to see Warren and sign the contract, but Clare is unsure of his intentions.

Frankie is keen for Craig to sort things out with Sarah, while sympathetic Myra demands John-Paul stay well away from Craig for Sarah’s sake. But when the McQueens and Deans meet each other in the Village, they end up trading insults. Leaving them to bicker, Craig and John-Paul slip away together and reunite.

With Calvin growing closer to Danny, Calvin is gutted by the news that Lauren and Danny are moving to Greece to be with their mum. Danny wants to stay, but when Calvin lends him the cash to go, he thinks it’s to get rid of him. Assuming Lauren hates it in Hollyoaks and can’t wait to leave, it comes as a shock when she finally speaks her mind…