Will confesses all to Anna!

Away from danger, Patrick decides to take action and tells Jim it was Anna who killed Texas… Jim is dubious about Patrick’s accusation and questions whether the teacher has any evidence. Sienna sees this as the only way to get her unhinged mother behind bars and tells the police that Anna confessed everything to her. Will goes to visit Anna and is alarmed when the police arrive to speak to her about Texas. Guilt-ridden, he tells her the truth.

Vincent is worried about what George will do with this new information and asks Ste to help him get a fake passport. George confronts Vincent, which escalates into a heated argument about Phoebe. Vincent tries to convince the teen that he doesn’t want Phoebe and the lads end up kissing… Vincent confesses that he left Nigeria because in his country it is illegal to be gay, punishable by jail or death – no one else can ever know the truth.

Sinead catches the eye of womaniser, Ziggy, in the village and he asks her out. They sleep together after their date.

Also, John Paul invites Doug round for dinner at the McQueens, worried about what his family will do to ruin his relationship.