Connor and Imogen’s plans to tie the knot get into full swing this week when Imogen is informed that a space has opened up at the registry office that same afternoon. She asks her boyfriend if he’s willing to go through with it so quickly, and Connor is ecstatic at the news.

However, Connor doesn’t realise that Christine has secretly booked a holiday for the pair of them to Paris and they’re due to leave just after his exam. Lying, he tells her that he will go. However, he later texts her telling her that he won’t be going. Michael then decides to accompany Christine on the holiday.

Meanwhile, Scout is excited and positive about her future on the morning of taking her crucial exam. She needs to do well so that she can go to university and train to be a teacher – something she desperately wants to do. However, troublesome mum Tina is causing Scout plenty of problems that threaten to undermine her whole future. Ill Tina tells Scout to go and do her exam while she suffers from a suspected chest infection.

However, it’s not long before Tina is rushed to hospital. She sadly passes away soon after arriving, but Scout – determined to do the best for her future – runs from the hospital and straight into the exam hall. Looking at her paper afterwards, Michael thinks she might have done enough to pass.

Then, Grantly suddenly falls ill in the corridor. After collapsing, he’s taken to hospital where he’s told some awful news. It turns out that he’s suffering from kidney failure, and an organ donor needs to be found immediately.