Will cowardly Cameron confess?

Cameron finally decides to do the right thing and confess to the cops that he killed Carl. Why? Well, he was pinning his hopes on Chas being found ‘not guilty’, but that can’t happen now that she’s pleading guilty. So Cameron marches right into the police station to tell them he killed Carl. He’s got that crazy look in his eyes, the one he gets when he’s really serious about something. So he must be going to confess. All he’s got to do is open his mouth and say, ‘I killed Carl’. The rest will flow as easily as water from a tap. Jimmy doesn’t know where Cameron is, though, as he prepares to convince Chas to plead innocent.

You’d think that Bernice would be doing everything she could to convince her married lover Steve to stay when he turns up in Emmerdale – but Bernice tells him to leave! Mind you, that doesn’t happen until after they’ve had a row… And they row because Steve still hasn’t told his wife about Bernice.

Val’s spoiling for another row with Kerry, who has been getting Amy drunk. Kerry thinks that’s the best way for Amy to be on Kyle’s first birthday. But Val doesn’t.

*Second episode*

Chas thinks Cameron’s her hero but, really, it’s Jimmy. Yes, Jimmy! The man who has been spineless for years suddenly finds his backbone and makes a decision… He goes to see Chas in prison to tell her she can’t plead guilty. Carl deserved what he got, he says as he pouts and sighs. In fact, he’s almost energetic in his insistence that Chas should plead not guilty. Chas now has food for thought. Is she going to fight for her life or roll over and give up? That’s a choice she won’t have to make if cowardly Cameron has confessed to the cops. He went to the station to do just that – but doesn’t. He fails Chas yet again and she doesn’t even know it.

Nicola doesn’t want to fail Bernice – so she takes Bernice’s phone, calls Steve’s wife and tells her all about their affair. Then, before she can utter any more careless whispers, Steve returns and turns on Bernice. Why did she tell his wife about them? Unlike cowardly Cameron, Nicola is quick to take the blame, saying she did it because she was trying to prove to Bernice that Steve doesn’t care about her. It looks like she’s right, too… And all Bernice wanted for Christmas was a new man.

All Val wants for Christmas is Amy back home. So her heart breaks a little when she finds out Amy’s spending Christmas with Kerry.