Will Craig and John-Paul make it to Dublin?

Craig and John-Paul bid an emotional farewell to their families before leaving for Dublin as a couple. Unable to deal with his brother being gay, Jake doesn’t say goodbye to Craig but has second thoughts and rushes to the airport to make amends.

But when John-Paul overhears Craig deny he’s gay, he confronts him and is not convinced by Craig’s explanations. With nagging doubts, he demands Craig kiss him in public as proof of his commitment. Will Craig give in or risk jeopardising the Dublin trip?

Hollyoaks residents are stunned by Clare’s dramatic hostage episode with Max blaming himself for bringing evil Clare into the village. Meanwhile, Steph is concerned for troubled Max when she sees him pacing up and down and struggling to keep it together. Worried, Steph asks Max to join her later for a few drinks, but is shocked when he turns up nearly hysterical.

Surprisingly, Steph provides him with a shoulder to cry on, offering him compassionate support in his hour of need. Caught up in the romantic moment, Max moves in for a kiss, but will Steph return his affections?