Desperate for Dan to prove his commitment to her, Sam presents him with two airline tickets. With the clock ticking, Dan knows he must make a decision about his future. But, with Sam’s ultimatum hanging over him, Dan starts to realise how painful it will be for him to leave Libby. Finally, Dan admits to Sam that his heart belongs to two women.

Disappointed Susan breaks the news that she has been rejected for the MS drug trial, but tells the family that she fully intends to fight the decision. Rebecca and Miranda rally round their friend by helping her make a life ‘To Do’ list, which helps all three women realise their life goals. Later, after a heartfelt plea from his wife, Karl decides to help Susan fight for her place in the drug trial.

Unsure of their relationship status, Bridget and Declan seek advice from their friends. After some well-timed words of wisdom from Rachel and Ringo, Declan finally bites the bullet and declares his love to the thrilled Bridget.

Meanwhile, Harold makes a surprise return to Ramsay Street, but what’s his secret?

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