The big day has arrived – and Daniel and Amber can’t wait to be married. Imogen plans to get out of town but she’s intercepted by a special guest from Erinsborough’s past, Tom Ramsay, who tells her, before she died, Agnes threw her pearl ring down an Erinsborough well. Later, Daniel corners Imogen, who tells him she loves him. Racing to Erinsborough well, Daniel and Imogen climb down when suddenly the ladder gives way – they’re trapped… together… with the clock ticking on the wedding. At the church, a hopeful Amber waits for her groom.

Meanwhile, Susan catches Harold mid conversation with ‘Madge’ and she grows concerned for his wellbeing. Later, at the church, Susan gently prods him into a confession: he has been talking to ‘Madge’ for a while now.

After some gentle probing from Karl and Susan, Nina confirms that she and Jack have separated and she’s not sure what the future holds for them. Later, Nina works through her feelings for Jack, alone in her hotel room, as she composes a new song.