Will Daniel ever appreciate what he’s got?

Zara and Daniel have a day off work and Daniel’s attempts to get out of going shoe shopping for Joe are firmly quashed – this is a milestone! Daniel comes shopping, but to his complete lack of surprise, Zara uses it as an opportunity to shop for herself. When the pair of them have a small spat over a gift Zara wants to buy Joe, Daniel’s frustration spills over and he walks away.

But he soon finds that an afternoon on his own, eyeing up women holds little appeal now, and he returns to find Zara and Joe in a shoe shop together. Even Zara has to admit that when Daniel applies himself, he can be a wonderful father as he entertains the grumbling child. As they successfully buy Joe his first pair of shoes, Daniel looks on, proudly. This is his family.

Howard asks Heston if Mrs Tembe’s happy at The Mill, after all, a happy workforce is a loyal and productive one. Heston says she is but Howard’s not convinced and reappears with coded suggestions that she start looking into some additional training for something to focus on. Mrs Tembe starts looking up Practice Management courses – but that’s not what Howard meant! He just doesn’t want to lose her to a position elsewhere.

When he comes back with the suggestion that Mrs Tembe instead take up a hobby, she takes it that this is something Howard wants to do himself. So, with Karen’s help, Mrs Tembe arranges for Howard to tag along on Rob’s day fishing. When the two women suggest it, neither man is quick enough to rebuff the idea. Great. They’re stuck with each other….

Meanwhile, a mixed up delivery leads Jimmi to a beautiful woman who takes a shine to him, and a whirlwind romance is conducted in the space of an afternoon.