Will Daniel ever get Zara alone?

After agreeing with their therapist to abstain from sex for three weeks, it’s now D Day for Zara and Daniel. A screaming Joe scuppers their chance of intimacy in the morning, and the two arrive at The Mill grumpy and frustrated. Daniel comes up with different ways for them to sneak away, but they’re stopped at every turn.

Zara sees Melissa, 17, who tells her she needs a certificate confirming she’s a virgin. Melissa reveals she’s sold her virginity online to pay for uni but the buyer wants ‘proof of purchase’ – and she’s closing the deal today. Zara gives Melissa what she needs.

Meanwhile, after several failed attempts to get Zara alone, Daniel grabs her and takes her to a hotel and Zara sees Melissa getting into the lift at the hotel, where she’s obviously meeting her ‘buyer’. Up in the room, Zara and Daniel are finally alone, but her mind is elsewhere. When Daniel admits that if it was Izzy, he’d want Zara to help, she leaves him to find Melissa.

Zara finds Melissa in her room awaiting ‘Mr X’.  Zara tries to talk her out of selling her virginity and says she’ll be in the bar if she wants to change her mind. Zara’s relieved when Melissa turns up at the bar: she’s not going through with it. Zara returns to the room… and finds Daniel snoring loudly on the bed.

Zara picks the champagne out of the ice bucket and pours it over his head. She’s waited too long for this…