Will Daniel leave Erinsborough?

Imogen assures Daniel that he and Amber will get back together eventually, but Daniel knows it’’ over. Needing time to process everything, Daniel decides to get out of town. With Imogen’s help, he heads off – but not before dropping Agnes’s pearl ring back down the well.

Amy’s uncomfortable when Gav, a plumber, wolf-whistles her so Paul orders Kyle to stand up for her. Kyle reluctantly agrees and has words with Gav, but his soft approach isn’t good enough for protective Paul, who decides to fire Kyle from the project.

Sheila asks Nate to get Aaron to sign a regular employment contract, but is frustrated when she learns not only did Aaron refuse to sign – he’s now dancing at Off Air’s Ladies’ Night! Nate begs Aaron to reconsider and he agrees – but Sheila goes on to order the two boys to work together, much to their dismay. 

Josh and Amber sort out their US Visa and Josh is shocked to discover Amber is single. He makes his intentions clear, but she rejects him. Josh accepts this and they share a bittersweet moment when the baby kicks for the first time.