Will Daniel wake up?

Zara waits anxiously by Daniel's bedside...

Daniel finally comes round and Zara is relived to see him open his eyes. Just as Daniel gets his bearings, Zara apologises for everything and tells him that she isn’t going to be a witness in the case. After visiting Daniel, Zara arrives at work with a full face of make, hair done and in a smart outfit – much to everyone’s surprise.

Mrs Tembe speaks to her privately, but Zara snaps fearing Mrs Tembe will judge her for no longer wanting to take to the oath in court. Will Mrs Tembe have the reaction Zara expects? Further upset by Daniel’s attack, Zara leaves colleagues shocked when she says that she wants to leave Letherbridge. Will Zara and Daniel be waving goodbye to their family and friends? And how will Zara react to unexpected visitor?

Also, Ruhma is still furious with Heston and ignores his calls. When Rob arrives at the maternity unit with a pregnant woman, who has been arrested, Rob and Ruhma begin to talk about his therapy. Will a conversation with Rob push Ruhma to make peace with Heston?