Will Danielle finally reveal all to Ronnie?

Archie opens Danielle’s locket and sees the picture of Ronnie inside. Danielle says she’s leaving Walford, but she wants Ronnie to know she’s her daughter first. Archie realises that if Ronnie discovers he lied about her baby dying it could ruin everything for him and he tells Danielle that the news would be better coming from him.

Roxy has a picture of Amy for Jack with a message on the back saying that Amy ‘has his eyes’. Ronnie is suspicious about why Roxy’s at the club and when she sees the photo she accuses Roxy of trying to win Jack. Ronnie insists that Jack belongs with her, not Roxy, and storms back to the Vic. Archie encourages Danielle to leave and then tells Ronnie that he loves her and doesn’t want them to fight.

Max brings home his date Polly and starts to question her about her job. Max asks if Polly knows Lauren Branning and she realises that Max has found out that she’s Lauren’s caseworker. Max begs Polly not to walk out on him, as he’s desperate to find out how Lauren is. Polly storms out, but has a pang of conscience and later returns and tells him that Lauren is fine, although she misses her parents.

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