Will Danielle tell Ronnie the truth?

Danielle discusses Ronnie with Stacey and resolves to tell Ronnie the truth and not take the second abortion pill. Ronnie phones Danielle and when Danielle asks her if she meant that having a baby was a big mistake, Ronnie assures her she did. Danielle is gutted, keeps her secret to herself and goes to the clinic alone to have the remainder of the treatment.

Tiffany’s party gets underway at the cafe, but Tiff wants to know where Whitney is. Ricky goes looking for Whitney and he convinces her not to let Tony spoil Tiffany’s birthday. Tiffany is thrilled when Ricky turns up with Whitney. At the party, Shirley comments that Ricky is good with Tiff and is stunned when Bianca confesses that Ricky could be Tiff’s real dad!

Christian is upset when he learns that Linda has agreed to go back to the States with his dad. In a bid to stop her getting hurt again he pleads with Linda to stay and suggests that she move in with him instead.

Also, Bradley gives Gumbo to Ronnie, but Gumbo goes missing. Gumbo seems to have done Bradley a good turn when he’s returned by a sexy woman called Syd (Nina Toussaint-White)!

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