Will Danny spend the night with Ste?

Danny is annoyed that John Paul isn’t answering his calls, unaware JP has left his phone at home. Danny looks for a rebound and spots Ste. The two men head back to the council flat but as Ste leads Danny to the bedroom, Danny realises he can’t go through with it.

Maxine is concerned when Patrick says things have to change and suggests she give up work. But Maxine is upset when Sienna reveals that Patrick has had a vasectomy.

Dr Browning is full of self-loathing when he wakes up to find Cindy lying next to him. Later, he meets Mercedes and a solicitor to discuss Mrs Rahj’s will. They’re annoyed when it turns out they could be left with nothing. Browning takes the opportunity to get Mercedes back, but she says she’d rather be poor than get back with him so he cancels all her cards. He has even more to worry about when Cindy teases that she’s going to tell Mercedes about their night together.

Also, Holly is chuffed when Callum agrees to go on a date with her but Cindy is furious when she sees her daughter and Callum kissing on the sofa.