Dan gets a shock this week when male agency nurse Stephen returns to Holby, this time as a patient with a badly swollen wrist. Dan hasn’t seen Stephen since that night shift, when Stephen made a pass at him – and Dan’s certain he’ll tell Chrissie her fiance has feelings for men.

Wanting to avoid Stephen, Dan examines his wrist without touching him and, after diagnosing a minor sprain, suggests he leaves. But when an X-ray reveals his wrist is broken, Dan realises he’s made a big mistake by letting him go and races after him.

Back on AAU, Dan examines Stephen properly then arranges for a transfer to a specialist hand surgeon at St James’s. As they say goodbye, Stephen kisses Dan on the cheek – and as the ambulance pulls away, Greg’s seen everything. Is it time for Dan to come clean to Chrissie – before Greg does?

Meanwhile, Sahira agrees to treat a patient with learning difficulties but when the Theatre Liaison Manager learns she doesn’t have the appropriate medical history, she blocks her path. Elsewhere, Jac’s shocked to hear that baby Freya will be released to foster care, and turns to Sahira for help.

Also, when the Theatre Liaison Manager cancels Michael’s patient’s operation twice in one day, Michael convinces the patient to go private. But when Malick discovers the truth about the patient’s financial situation he fears he’s been caught up in another Michael Spence scandal.