Will Darren accept help from Trevor?

Maxine is upset with she gets a court date for her custody battle with Patrick. Darren gets roped into taking Trevor to a dodgy deal and panics when the police later turn up at the garage. Trevor offers Darren £300, which would help Maxine get a family solicitor. Darren declines but Trevor goes behind his back and leaves it on the doorstep for a delighted Maxine to find – will Darren do a deal with the devil?

Ste and Leela are stunned when Ziggy arrives at the hospital after running off with Dee Dee. As the fear of losing Tegan sets in, Ste and Leela take the law into their own hands and they ask Celine to test Dee Dee as a bone marrow match, without parental consent. What will she do?

Also, Mariam tells Dr S’avage to clear her name or she will make him pay; what does she have over him?