Will Darren and Jodie say ‘I do’?

Darren and Jodie get ready for the wedding. Vanessa tells Darren she’s disappointed that he’s as untrustworthy as other men. A shamed Darren finds Jodie before the wedding and tells her he can’t go through with it. Darren gives Heather the wedding reception cash to help out with George, then reveals he’s leaving Walford. Darren pays Jodie a final visit and tells her she deserves better before driving out of the Square.

Zainab is upset that Yusef has been distant. She invites him for a meal, but she changes her mind after worrying their relationship is inappropriate. Yusef bumps into Christian and gives him a brochure for Asian wedding outfits for Syed, saying he ‘found it’ in the flat. Syed finds Zainab’s shopping list inside with Amira’s phone number scrawled on the back. Syed furiously accuses Zainab of keeping it from him.

Tanya feels week after her op, but is determined to keep it a secret. Tanya is woken from a nap by a police officer with Abi, who is in trouble for playing pranks on Grace with Ben and Lola. Tanya confiscates Abi’s laptop. Lauren defends her sister. Lauren and Abi are surprised when Tanya wearily backs down. Lauren accuses Tanya of having an affair and Tanya confesses she has cancer.