Will Darren make a big sacrifice for the baby?

Darren is agonising over his feelings for Nancy. Jack encourages his son to do the right thing and tell Sienna he doesn’t love her. Sienna confronts Jack and tells him she heard what he said. She takes a bottle of vodka from the bar and leaves the pub. Darren finds her at The Folly. She pretends to have drunk some of the vodka and tells Darren he won’t have to put up with her much longer. For the sake of the baby, he proposes, but immediately regrets his decision.

When Robbie finds out Jack reported him to Patrick about the photo of Ruby, he goes to the police and tells them Jack has been looking at dirty pictures of Jason on the internet.

Freddie is desperate to see Lindsey after confessing his love for her. Joe catches them together at Cindy’s flat but thinks his brother is trying to help. Joe begs Lindsey to take him back – but how can she?

Joe tells her he’s still going on their honeymoon – she can meet him in the village if she wants to try again.