Will Darren propose to Sienna?

Frankie is concerned by how quickly Darren is rushing into things with Sienna. When Frankie and Sienna walk through the door early and Darren has the ring in his hand, Sienna accepts the ‘proposal’ before being asked. It’s awkward when Esther pins up the banner, which reads: “Will you marry me again, Frankie?” Sienna is mortified by her mistake, while Frankie is delighted and accepts Jack’s proposal.

Dodger is horrified when Dennis tells him he’s thrown away the mattress, unaware there was £100k hiding in it. They finally manage to get the mattress back and into Dodger’s van but Dennis has missed Leanne’s graduation – she was counting on him.

Nana McQueen is suspicious when she sees the Savages flashing the cash in the village and vows to get her money back, whatever it takes.

Also, Lindsey grows wary of Cindy’s attacker – but will she have the courage to speak out?