Will David and Alicia say ‘I do’?

Despite Pollard’s best efforts to stop them, David and Alicia have made it to the morning of their wedding day. Then Talia turns up – the woman Justin’s going to marry and make Jacob’s new mummy. Except he’s not. What?! Talia tells Alicia that Justin isn’t going to fight for custody of Jacob. Yay! That’s great news! Except it’s not. Now David doesn’t have to marry Alicia – and Alicia really loves David and was hoping that, once they were married, he would come to love her. At the register office, Alicia has to decide whether or not to tell David the truth…

Cain wants the truth from Cameron. He’s seen that Gennie is angry with Cameron and wants to know why. Then he sees Chas and Cameron talking and wants to know what was being said. Cain doesn’t get a straight answer from anyone and, frustrated, ends up fighting with Cameron. But it’s Debbie who gets hurt, knocked over when she tries to stop them, and she’s rushed to hospital.

Rodney wants to rush to the police to get help to find Ashley. But Laurel’s not so keen as she doesn’t want to upset the children. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to admit to herself that Ashley’s a broken man – and she helped break him.

*Second episode*

Cain still wants to break Cameron’s neck, but his first concern is pregnant Debbie. Caught up in her dad’s fight with her partner, Debbie needs to get to a hospital – fast. So that’s where the three of them go. But no one tells Chas, who is ready and waiting to run away with Cameron. Eventually, she finds out from Andy what has happened and rushes to the hospital, where she sees Cameron promising Debbie that he will never let her be hurt again. Heartbroken, Chas realises she has lost Cameron (the man she should never have had in the first place!).

Alicia can’t bear the thought of losing David so she doesn’t tell him what Talia told her. Instead, she says ‘I do’ and they are pronounced husband and wife. And so to the wedding reception, where they play the perfect couple. David’s sure that he has done the right thing for his friend, Alicia. But he doesn’t know that Alicia has already deceived him…

No one except Lisa knows about Zak owing thousands to loan sharks and, desperate, she tells Charity, who is stunned by the news. Dingles are supposed to be too cunning to be caught like this. But Charity assures Lisa she’ll clean up Zak’s mess.