David‘s under house arrest at Audreys knowing he has nowhere to go anyway. As Graeme arrives back on the street David heads back to court hoping his possible epilepsy will mean that the judge will have pity and grant bail. Meanwhile, a recovering Graeme is torn about what to believe, but it’s all down to the judge now.

With Kylie gone Becky is clearly in her element and is making a fuss of Max, but she is stunned when they get a call from Social Services saying that they planned to have a meeting today to check out Max’s new home. Becky immediately panics and tries to lie saying that Becky has simply poped out for a while and will be back soon. But the social worker refuses to reschedule the appointment and Becky is forced to think on her feet.

Ashley has spent the night on the sofa as the Peacock’s relationship sours further. When Claire still refuses to budge on the move to France he heads to the pub for some space.

Also, Eddie finds a bunch of flowers left on the steps of Underworld. He steals them and passes then off to Anna as a gift, but she is stunned when she reads the card attached.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky knows she only has seconds to decide what to do about the social worker standing in their home. Kylie is on a jolly and she worries how she can stop them taking Max away. Suddenly she has an epiphany and Steve is sent into a tailspin when she plays a blinder passing herself off as Kylie. But it’s her turn to be shocked when the social worker admits that it is actually Becky that she has come to see. She wonders whether she has blown it this time.

Audrey defends David in the pub when he is judged guilty by all those around him. She also accuses Tina of making up the story that he attacked her and a blazing row ensues. Graeme’s torn, while he knows that David did attack Tina he’s unsure whether his best mate really tried to kill him.

The factory girls gossip about the flowers they presume were meant for Tony. But a freaked out John begins to panic about the mystery mourner targeting the factory.

Also, Kevin is uncomfortable and feels guilty as an oblivious Sally grows closer to Molly and baby Jack; a drunk and depressed Ashley ends up on Tina and Graeme’s sofa as his marriage deteriorates even further.

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