Will David be sent down?

David is calm on the morning of his court appearance and he is determined to go to prison. Gail and the solicitor try to talk him round when he insists that he wants to face the magistrate alone. David tells the magistrate he doesn’t need a lawyer and just wants to get on with it and says he is guilty on all counts. A horrified Gail tries to intervene.

Roy asks Tony why the building work hasn’t stopped and a smooth Tony tells him investigations into the bats are underway. Roy sees through his lies and he calls the environment agency. Later, Tony asks Jason to deal with the bats and a worried Jason feels his has no choice.

Becky and Roy are still at odds over his disapproval of her bringing Rick to the flat. Roy talks to Ken, who tactfully suggests that Becky’s behaviour is not unusual these days and although he shouldn’t have to compromise his principles, maybe he shouldn’t judge Becky too harshly. A thoughtful Roy tells Becky that he doesn’t approve of casual sex, but tells her she can have boyfriends over as long as she tells him first.

Also, a dumped Darryl is in no mood to celebrate his birthday.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail’s attempt to plead David’s innocence doesn’t go down well with the magistrate, who adjourns the case for sentencing. Audrey and Gail take David home and David admits to Darryl he’s secretly nervous about jail. Gail tries again to get David to agree to legal representation, but David stands his ground and tells Gail that he’s finally taking responsibility for his own actions.

Tony asks Jason if he’s up for a bit of surreptitious bat removal but Jason knows it’s illegal and feels bad about going behind Roy’s back and he turns him down. After some thought Jason realises that his job is at stake and he reluctantly tells Tony he’ll help him out. Jason successfully smokes out the bats, but when he bumps into Roy afterwards he feels guilty.

Roy offers to go out with Ken to give Becky and Rick some space in the flat. Roy feels uncomfortable with the situation, but he’s pleased he and Becky have agreed to respect each other’s lifestyles. When Roy returns home he overhears Rick taking the mick out of his railway record collection as Becky laughs. Roy feels hurt and betrayed by Becky.

Also, a drunk and miserable Darryl resigns from his dad’s shop.