Will David deal with Derek’s threats?

Carol worries that Bianca will find out that she and David are back together. David thinks they should come clean to Bianca. David tries to warn Derek to stay away from him and Carol, but Derek repeats his threat. David records the threat on his mobile, but Derek grabs the mobile and destroys it. Michael offers to team up with David to get rid of Derek. David is unsure until Derek upsets Carol, so he finds Michael and tells him he’s in on the plan.

Whitney is nervous about taking Morgan to see Ray and asks Fat Boy to go with her. Fat Boy is jealous when Morgan relays a message to Whitney from Tyler that he’s thinking about her. Whitney takes Morgan to a cafe. It’s the first time Ray has met his son. Ray reveals Bianca stole money from him and did a runner without revealing she was pregnant!

Lauren supports Tanya when Tanya reveals she’s anxious about going to Pat’s funeral. Lauren feels left out when Tanya cancels a coffee date with her to spend time with Jane. Lauren spends the afternoon getting drunk in the Vic. Meanwhile, Jane encourages Tanya to spend more time with Cora and they later begin to bond.