Aaron is left shocked when he finds out that Rory is staying in Erinsborough, as he has a job as a yoga teacher at The Flame Tree. Elly encourages Aaron to tell David the truth about Rory but he backs out. Will Aaron’s cowardly actions eventually backfire?

Meanwhile, the Brennan family face the harsh reality that Tyler is up on a murder charge. With large legal bills mounting up, the family decide to sell their boat. When Gary hears the financial dilemma the Brennan boys are facing, he comes up with a plan to help – but will his idea be successful?

Also, Ben and Xanthe are horrified that Terese caught them having sex. Afterwards, Terese talks to Xanthe and tries to give her some motherly advice about the responsibilities and misconceptions that come with having sex for the first time. Xanthe begs Terese not to say anything to Gary – but will he find out another way?