Doug offers relationship counselling to David… He tells him he’s mad not to fight for Leyla and he should talk to her about what she did. Still hurt and humiliated, David resists at first but, unable to deny he still loves Leyla, he eventually asks her to meet him so they can talk. At Leyla’s house he reveals he misses her but doesn’t know if he can ever trust her again. Leyla begs him to let her make amends and prove herself but will David be able to forgive her?

As Laurel continues to recover at the hospital, psycho Sally happily takes over at the vicarage. She’s the hostess with the mostest when Jai drops by with flowers for Laurel and, later, is a goddess in the kitchen, cooking dinner for Ashley. No need for Laurel to hurry home, she tells Ash. But does Sally intend for Laurel to ever get back inside her own home?

Charity’s also struggling to get her relationship with Cain on track. She wants to talk about their future together but Cain doesn’t think they have one. And when he later sees Charity with Jai, he thinks he’s right – she’ll never change. Will she?

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