Will David ruin Sarah’s wedding?

Sarah wakes up on her wedding morning determined to enjoy her big day and she puts all thoughts of the missing David out of her mind. But Gail is worried and she phones the police. Meanwhile, a deceitful David watches from the roof of Underworld and he’s delighted when the police arrive. Sarah is horrified that David is spoiling things and she insists that the wedding is going ahead. A worried Gail puts on a brave face and the family leave for the church.

David is furious when he sees the family leaving, seemingly unconcerned about his disappearance and he leaves a ‘final’ ranting message on Gail’s answerphone. David then gets into his car and gathers up all his courage to drive it into the canal!

Sarah and Jason are in the church and about to take their vows when the police turn up and tell Gail that David has apparently tried to commit suicide, although he survived the attempt. Gail is tells the family what has happened and a worried Jason wants to halt proceedings. But Sarah is determined not to be prevented from getting wed and she forces Jason to sign the register!

Also, Leanne doesn’t resist when Paul kisses her.