It’s the day of Carol and David’s wedding, but Bianca is still unsure over what David is planning to do. When David heads out of the Square to get ‘something blue’ for Carol and disappears, Carol asks a reluctant Liam to walk her to the register office. Once there, the time ticks by with no sign of David, alarming Bianca and Liam who worry he’s done a runner. With just minutes to spare, David races back through the market with the gift, but collapses!

Stan is back from court having been given a fine and a curfew. Taking Dean aside, Stan suggests that he’ll give him money to set up his own business in the Square. Although reluctant to return, Dean doesn’t want to turn down such a generous offer, especially when he realises Stan’s getting his money back from Mick to fund it. Meanwhile, Mick and Shirley have a heart-to-heart about recent revelations and agree to put it behind them.

Sharon is worried that Ian might have done something silly when there’s no sign of life at the Beales’. Determined to get in the house, Sharon persists, eventually finding Ian locked up inside. Sharon tries to give Ian some words of advice, but it’s clear he’s still struggling.