Will Dawn choose Garry or Phil?

Dawn is torn when

Minty gives her an ultimatum and tells her she has half an hour to choose who she wants before he tells Garry about her affair. Dawn tells Phil that Minty knows about their affair and she has decided to choose him because she loves him but she’s devastated when a cruel Phil tells her that she’s no more than his bit on the side.

Dawn, Phil, Max and Jane receive anonymous texts saying ‘I know your secret’. Ryan finds out that Janine is responsible after stealing Ronnie’s address book but she says it was just for fun. Archie is angry that Janine’s been stirring and warns her he could call off their arrangement. Janine mentions Joel and jokes that Ronnie and Joel should get back together. Archie darkly warns her not to meddle in his family’s affairs.

Liz asks Patrick to talk to Denise and convince her to see Owen. Patrick tells Denise that Libby will resent her if she doesn’t at least try with Owen and Denise is won over but when Liz gives her a visiting order for tomorrow she feels tricked and tells Liz that it’s not going to happen.

Also, Chelsea confesses that she left Ellis after he tried to hit her.

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