Will Dawn confess all to Garry?

Dawn confesses to the girls at her hen night that she cheated on Garry with Phil. Shirley is gutted and makes some cutting comments, but Dawn thinks she’s just jealous. Garry is at his stag do at the Vic and he gets angry when Minty pays a stripper to give him a ‘few extras’. They fight it out in inflatable Sumo suits that Darren has brought for the stag do. Garry wants to know why Minty can’t be happy for him, but Minty just walks off.

Dawn returns home, determined to come clean to Garry about her affair, but when she sees him playing sweetly with Summer she can’t bring herself to do it. Minty is sick of Dawn’s hypocrisy and tells Garry that there’s something he needs to know about Dawn…

Tamwar learns that Zainab and Masood are off on a round the world tour as soon has he leaves for Oxford. Amira pops over and asks Tamwar’s advice on her wedding outfit and is shocked when he impulsively tries to kiss her. Later, Tamwar apologises and confesses he’s in a mess – he didn’t get his grades and he’s not going to Oxford.

Also, Manda finds out she’s being evicted from her flat; Gumbo’s owner wants him back.