Will Dawn get to Garry in time?

Garry storms home and tells Minty that he’s heading off on the boat as planned and they say a sad farewell. Dawn learns that Garry has left and she confronts Minty and begs him to tell her where Garry has gone. Darren drives Dawn and Summer to the canal and she races to the towpath just as Garry sets off. Dawn tells Garry she loves him and his heart melts. He moors up to let her and Summer on to the boat and they sail off for a new life together.

Zainab and the family go to the mosque. Zainab is feeling faint and Amira is suspicious that something is going on. Back home, Amira encourages Zainab to come clean to Masood about her secret. Amira gets Syed and Tamwar out of the way and Zainab confesses to Masood that she’s pregnant.

Syd, Mo and Jean wait with Don and Gumbo in the park and Bradley arrives with Noah and Sugar. Don and Bradley both try to coax Gumbo and Don calls Bradley a cheat when he encourages Sugar to bark at Gumbo. A gutted Bradley feels obliged to hand Gumbo over to Don. Later, Syd receives a job offer in Canada…