Will Dawn make it to Aidensfield?

Phil’s niece, Dawn, who has fallen in with a bad crowd, is being sent to Aidensfield by her dad. As David waits for her at Aidensfield Station, a train pulls up and leaves with no sign of Dawn. Elsewhere, at a deserted platform in the nearby village of Ledby, Dawn patiently waits for David.

Carol and Pc Joe Mason are told by an angry neighbour that two young girls have been left to fend for themselves whilst their parents enjoy a night out. As Carol heads off to see the girls, Joe finds the parents in the pub. Unremorseful, they takes time to finish their drinks before leaving.

The next day Bernie throws himself in front of an oncoming car to pull one of the girls to safety. Mason and Blaketon take the two young girls home, only to find their parents dishevelled after a late-night drinking session.

The following night, the girls are left alone in the house again while their parents go to the pub. They lock the door as they leave but when an oil heater is knocked over there is no escape. Ralph sees the flames and the alarm is raised -will the girls be rescued before it’s too late?